Daily Thoughts

Why I Am Where I Am

When I was a senior in high school, I applied to BYU, BYU-I, and University of Utah. I got accepted to all three. After I got all of my acceptance letters, I weirdly started to feel really spiritually good about BYU-I. I prayed about it a lot, and just felt it was probably the right place for me to go. This was strange, because for my whole life I had thought I had wanted to go to BYU. My family lives in Utah, practically all of them went to BYU, plus it seemed kind of farfetched to choose Rexburg over Provo. Over Spring Break, I flew up to Rexburg and stayed in my friends’ apartment and took a tour of campus. I still felt really good about BYU-I. My mom came up and drove back with me to Salt Lake to stay with my sister, Ashley for a night before we flew home. Later that night, I could not sleep. I got an overwhelming feeling that I should reconsider Provo. I started texting my friend who went to BYU at the time, asking her questions, and all of a sudden, the problems that I had with BYU didn’t seem like problems anymore. I went into my mom’s room and told her this and we scheduled a campus tour for the next day before our flight. Ashley, my mom, and I all drove down to the campus and I felt super good about it. It was the strongest that I have ever felt the spirit. I am not a very good decision maker, but I was blessed with feeling completely sure of my decision and not questioning it for a second. I even found out I got an $8000 scholarship to U of U, and it didn’t waiver my decision to go to BYU at all.

Thinking about this experience has helped me remember why I am going to school here and is an amazing comfort to me.


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