Travel Adventures

I Like To Hike… Kind Of

Last summer, I went to my family reunion in Beaver, Utah. While we were there, me and a couple of my family members decided to go on a hike. We went to hike Delano Peak and it turned out to be a much crazier adventure than what we thought it would be! It was supposed to be a simple four mile hike, but it turned out to take us 7 hours because of the terrain. It was around 11,000-12,000 feet, and for me who is used to sea level, breathing got to be kind of an issue. It was completely uphill, more than 45 degrees. We had to cross several snowy ravines that were super scary and slippery. It was thunder storming sporadically and at one point it hailed. My sister was having kind of a rough time, so me and her sat on a rock and waited for the others to get to the peak and come back and meet us on their way back. They took a really long time to come back and me and her got pretty freaked out. At one point a yellow balloon flew over the mountain, over our heads, and landed in a bush that was far away, but still in eye sight. There was something tied to the end of it. Me and Teri got the idea in our heads that it could be a note tied to it, so I hiked down to the balloon and brought it back up! Turns out, it wasn’t a messenger balloon – it was just a normal balloon. I tied it to my wrist for the rest of the hike though. I learned something about myself – I like to hike, as long as its an easy hike with good weather and at a low altitude.


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