Daily Thoughts


I love doughnuts. My favorite types are the ones filled with bavarian cream and basic glazed. January 12 was National Glazed Doughnut Day.

More often than not,when I eat a doughnut, it is for breakfast. After that, I always feel sick. Doughnuts are not a good breakfast. Yet, they are always sold in the morning. Has anyone ever felt good after eating only a doughnut for breakfast? I seriously doubt it.

However, I still will eat one for breakfast occasionally. Despite the fact that I KNOW that it will make me feel ill, I will eat it anyway. Is this an example of self destructive behavior? I have noticed a lot in my life, times where I know something is not good for me in the long term, but I will still do the thing. I will choose the instant gratification instead of thinking about my future self.

When I am not doing well, I get comforted with the words, “everything will be okay.” Sometimes, these words do not bring me a whole lot of peace because present me feels like crap. Future, doing-good me does not matter in that moment, because present me feels horrible and is not sure if future me will be in existence.

The present is the only thing that is sure. Is choosing things that are good for the present self, but bad for the future self, a definite evil?

I am not sure the answer, but I know for a fact that I will eat a doughnut for breakfast sometime again.


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