Travel Adventures

I Got Kicked Out

I went on a trip to Italy and Croatia over the summer with my high school chamber choir. We had many wonderful opportunities that I will hopefully talk about in future posts, but the one I want to talk about in this one is going to the Vatican museums (more specifically the Sistine Chapel).

We had pre-paid tickets to get into the museums, so we walked past the seemingly endless line of tourists and walked straight into the museum. It was so crowded, you could not stop and look at the art. You had to keep walking and just ponder the beauty of Michelangelo and Raphael on the move. It felt like Disneyland. Pretty much, the Vatican museums were everything that a museum should not be: loud, crowded, and filled with mean security guards (I know that museums need security guards, just let them be nice!!).

I had my camera out the entire time, taking pictures as I was walking along the priceless works of art. We were being pushed along so rapidly that I did not even realize the room that I walked in was the Sistine Chapel. I began taking pictures and a security guard yelled at me in Italian. I was confused and walked away, looked up, saw the Creation of Adam, snapped another picture, and proceeded to get kicked out.

Oops. It was so worth it.13558688_1217582394941329_3646877721218759365_o


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