Travel Adventures


Last semester, I went to Arches National Park with on of my sisters and my brother. My brother loves the national parks and knows a lot about them and invited us spontaneously to go with him. We drove there on a Saturday morning to go just for the day. We did two hikes at Arches – one to the Delicate Arch and one to the Double O Arch. Both were very hard for me and on the first one, I complained a lot. My complaints were mostly in jokes, but they started to irritate my brother.

On the second hike, I tried to refrain from the negativity. Despite the fact that I was more tired on the second hike and the second hike was longer, I had an easier time with it. I accredit this to being more positive and trying to have a better attitude.

As I have discussed previously on this blog, I have a love hate relationship with hiking. When it is hot, it is miserable and sweaty. When it is cold, you still sweat, but that makes you colder. I do not like feeling trapped anywhere and being over strenuous with my body.

However, I love being in nature and seeing God’s creations. I love the feeling that you get when you look at something so magnificent that makes you feel like tiny speck of dust. That is how I felt looking at these arches that are so much older than me and will live so much longer than me.


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