Daily Thoughts


Back home in California, there has been torrential down pour for quite a few days. While I was there over winter break, there was a lot of rain, but apparently, there have three storms in a row over the course of a week. My family was on flash flood warning yesterday, which is weird because we live pretty close to the beach and not very close to the hills.

California has been in severe drought for several years. While I was in high school, we were put on water limits. We were not allowed to water our lawns or wash our cars in the driveway. Somewhere in Calabasas, water had stopped coming out of faucets for a few days. Restaurants would not serve you water unless you asked. It got really severe.

Despite these facts, people did not make a whole lot of lifestyle changes to conserve water. I know I did not. I took twenty minutes showers. People poured water bottles out when they were throwing them away.

Human nature is interesting because when there is a problem in a community, many people feel as if their actions will not affect the greater problem. When people think like this, nothing changes. This was the problem with the drought, is the problem with world poverty and hunger, environmental change, even politics.


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