Daily Thoughts


As I have talked about before, I almost decided to go to Brigham Young University-Idaho. For some reasons, it would have been easier for me to go there because I have a lot of friends there from home and the coursework would be lighter. Because I did not go, though, I took the shuttle up to see my friends two weekends ago in Rexburg. It was so cold but I had a great time with my friends. We just got to sit around, talk, and hang out. One of my friends set us up on a triple date. We went mini golfing at a glow in the dark, pirate themed course. That was a great time.

The shuttle company sent me a coupon for a great deal on another ride, so I decided that I am going up again this weekend. This time it is a surprise for them. Even though I saw them two weeks ago, I am hoping to really surprise them and bring them joy. I had a hard time leaving last time because I had missed them so much. It is a comfort to me that I can go see them often. Friendship brings me a whole lot of joy.


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