I do not identify as a liberal or a conservative. My ideas and beliefs are on both sides of the spectrum and in taking a quiz, it says I am a moderate left. I do not like Donald Trump. I did not vote for him and I do not relish practically anything that he stands for or represents. I am not the hugest fan of Hillary Clinton either.

In our political climate, there is a lot of divisiveness. People are making these issues out to be black and white. Purely regarding policy, I agree more with Clinton’s view than Trump’s. During the campaign, there were many sexist things said about Hillary – her voice was shrill, her white pantsuit was weird, her haircut was not good. It upset me to hear about this critique during a presidential campaign – I do not care if our president is ugly, I care about their beliefs and what they can contribute to America!

I have noticed, however, the same people that I see on social media that were voices calling for change against sexist remarks towards Hillary are calling Trump an Oompa Loompa. Many liberal media and citizens alike are saying he bathes in cheeto dust or that his hair is a horrible toupee comb over gone wrong. His hands are so tiny!

This is completely immature and wrong. I do not like Trump one little bit, but I do not care what he looks like! The more focus on insults about his appearance, the less seriously anyone who is against him will be taken.


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