Daily Thoughts


I love Pokemon.

I grew up on it. I played the games on my Gameboy Advanced. I watched the television show. I watched the movies. I played the card game with my siblings and later inherited their card collections for my own. It is very nostalgic for me.

When Pokemon Go came out, I flipped a lid. I played it a lot. I have not really stopped playing it a lot, if I am going to be quite honest. Me and my sister, Ashley, go on Pokedrives where we take over gyms and go get pokestops to get stuff such as potions, razzberries, and revives. Of course, on these drives, we also try to catch as many new pokemon as we possibly can.

I attribute Pokemon Go to getting a lot closer with my sister and we have made so many fun memories jamming out to music and driving around playing the game. It is a genius concept – it puts the player’s world the video game world as well. It is like virtual reality. It also eliminates the stereotype of video game players sitting on a couch all day – it makes the player be active. It makes everyday life an adventure and creates a whole new medium in which to enjoy the pokemon franchise.


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