Travel Adventures


The Huntington Beach Stake, which is my stake back home in California, has started the tradition of having a stake girl’s high adventure as well as a boy’s one in an effort to emphasize the importance of an active and adventurous lifestyle for girls as well as boys. The high adventure I got to attend was a canoe trip starting at the Hoover Dam and travelling down the Colorado River. There were hot springs along the way that we got to stop and swim in as well. There were cliffs that we got to cliff jumping off of. We camped one night and me and my friends made the mistake of setting up our tarp on a slope. In the middle of the night, we would wake up and find ourselves sliding down in our sleeping bags. It is funny now to think about, but then it was awful and uncomfortable.

The hot springs had warning signs on them that warned of a brain eating amoeba that had a chance of living in the naturally warm water. The signs told us to not put any mucus membranes underneath the water, as to not give the brain eating amoeba a chance to climb into our heads. That was such a freaky and scary thought that that was even a risk. As scary things often do, the amoebas became a joke. Then, it became even funnier when someone said “amoeba” it sounded like they were saying “a meeba” as in one meeba or plural meebas. The friends that I got very close to on that trip and I began to call our group “The Meebas.” When we got home, we started a group message on our phones. Now, three of the meebas are on missions, I am at BYU, and one is at BYU-I. We have a group email called meebas that we send short messages like the texts we used to send. It makes me sad and happy whenever I see a new email in the chain because I miss them so much.


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