Daily Thoughts

An Impact

Mr. Felix was my fourth period history teacher my sophomore year of high school. He is well loved on campus, and well hated. I remember walking in my first day of class and him calling all of us his minions, and saying we were lame robots who follow direct orders from administration without question. At first, I wondered what on earth I had gotten myself into. But as I continued in his class, I learned things about history that I never thought I would be fascinated by. I firmly believe that the best teachers are the ones who truly love what and who they teach, and Mr. Felix is definitely a perfect representative of that philosophy. He made connections to our lives and encouraged us to question societal norms. He also taught me to not take everything so seriously, and to not care what people think about you. To laugh at your mistakes, and not be afraid to make them. What many people consider one of the most boring subjects out there, Mr. Felix made World History come to life and introduced to me the idea that I am not only living in the future’s history, but can change it.


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