Travel Adventures

New York Memory Snapshot Part 1

The wind whipped around me and I felt as if it would blow me straight off the building, falling all one hundred and two stories. I slowly walked towards the solid cement wall, which was my barrier between life and death.


“LAUREN!” I slowly took the generic white blankets off of my head and looked around, frowning. With a sharp intake of breath, I groggily asked, “Wassgoinon?”

“Turn off your alarm, for Christ’s sake.” Ruby, one of my hotel room mates, sighed with exasperation. It was only at that moment that I realized the tiny Marimba sound coming from underneath my pillow. I looked at my phone, turned off the alarm, and checked the time. 7:52.

“Oh, crap.” I muttered, throwing the blankets off of myself and walking to the bathroom. I padded over to the mirror and turned the lights on. Frowning in the sudden light, my eyes were red and bleary, with mascara remnants on the right side of my face and pillow imprints on the other. My hair was tangled and frizzy and goosebumps appeared on my arms and legs from the air conditioning vent in the floor. My t-shirt was crumpled and had a dot of dried toothpaste on my right shoulder.



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