Travel Adventures

New York Memory Snapshot Part 3


Grasping the cold iron bars, I pulled myself to the very edge of the rough, concrete wall and looked down. Tiny taxis drove on tiny streets with pedestrians the size of ants. The honking of distant traffic was barely audible, and I realized it was probably the most silence I had heard since arriving in New York City. I stared in awe and wonderment at the entire expanse of the Big Apple. On my left, I could see the sweeping cables and wires of the Brooklyn Bridge reaching extensively across the East River. Straight in front of me, I could see Lower Manhattan, which contains the second half of the famous New York skyline, including the One World Freedom Tower,with an even higher view than the Empire State Building that I was standing on. Its blue glass reflected the morning sunlight, causing me to squint as I continued to observe the glorious concrete jungle that stood before me. The triangular, rusted Flat Iron Building was a few blocks away, and off to my right in the distance, I could see the green Statue of Liberty and the brick mass of Ellis Island. Cargo ships were coming and going from the harbor.


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