Travel Adventures

New York Memory Snapshot Part 5

There were so many things going on that I could’ve looked through those viewfinders all day, finding new architecture to admire, or little ant people to watch, going about their daily lives.

I stood up straight, once more looking across the overwhelmingly vast panorama of one of the most iconic cities in the world. I have to live here someday. I thought to myself. Just looking at everything going on, I knew that I could never get bored of this city. There would always be something wonderful to go explore, something amazing to try, something new to see.

All too soon, the chaperones of our tour called for us, and we walked back through the glass doors. I was the last one to go back inside and as I was stepping in, I looked behind me to get one last view. The city was still there, standing proudly, the sun shining in a pale blue sky behind the skyscrapers. I turned back, smiling to myself, knowing that this was not my last goodbye.


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