Daily Thoughts

Space = Cool

I literally have NO CLUE what I am doing with my life. . I have been considering so many majors. I’m in this class called Descriptive Astronomy, which is the non-mathematical study of space. I am adoring this class so far. We have our labs in the planetarium and get to study the constellations on this gigantic virtual sky. It is the best. I am so fascinated by space and the universe. My professor told us this MIND BLOWING story: so there is this computer generated image that was put together through super complicated algorithms and applied math about what the universe looks like a billion light years across (the width of the image is a billion light years). He showed the image to a colleague of his, who is a physicist. The physicist looked at the image and said, “that looks like the inner workings of the human brain.” They both kind of paused and then the physicist said, “does that mean we are all living inside someone’s brain?” and my professor was like, “please, don’t even go there with me!” It was so funny the way he said it, but HOW COOL IS THAT?? God is so cool.
I am strongly considering majoring in ASTROPHYSICS, which I am super terrified of. I am filled with self doubt about it and if I’m smart enough for it, but astronomy is just so cool and I love it so much and I can’t stop thinking about it. I am slowly getting up the courage to go to my professor’s office hours so that I can ask him questions and talk to him about it.

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