Daily Thoughts

Lucy’s Tale

My sister just told me the funniest thing about my niece. My niece, Lucy, is 2 (almost 3!) and is the most spunky little redheaded girl you will ever meet. My sister and her little family were all laying in bed as a family and Lucy decided to tell them a story and this is what she said. “Story is the bunny said hop hop hop and went to his house and the fox said oh no there is a dinosaur in the house and the bunny ran away with the donuts and the cake.  Then a monster went in the house and the dog he said wuff wuff wuff and there was a big loud thunderstorm and the monster said there is no buggies in the house and no spiders.” – then Lucy paused in her narrative and in an almost perfect imitation of Karl (my sister’s husband) even lowering the tone of her voice she said “stop laughing” and put her hands over everyone’s mouth’s one by one then waving her finger at them all said “no talking and no moving.” Then she continued with “story is” and then a random assortment of the exact same above plot points. She is so cute!


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