How Can I Compare Thee To An Awkward Life?

One of my closest friends, Hannah, has very bad luck with guys. She has some very funny stories. I wrote a Shakespearean sonnet about one of her experiences.

I rush and sit down for class in a huff.

Glowing pink, I glance around the room.

A pair of eyes, steely, cold, and tough

I double take and make contact. My doom.

Is with a quick, untimely jerk, I move,

Feeling your eyes slowly sliding off me,

Wondering if beneath a desk I dove

Would be less plain than my red glow – splotchy!

Ev’ry class, this look occurs without a glitch

Til finally, I get courage and ask

If you had feelings and, without a hitch,

Wanted to go out with me – what a task!

Alas, you said, it simply is not so,

You had a girlfriend, of course – oh no!


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