Daily Thoughts

Valentine’s Day

I am single. Not completely by choice either.

With that in mind, today is not the most fun day for me. Seeing couples in real life and online together should not make me sad – but sometimes it does! I think it stems from a place of insecurity and slight jealousy. I am planning on buying myself some candy and Chick-fil-a and calling it a night.

However, even people that I know that are in relationships are not the biggest fans of Valentine’s Day. There are restaurants that are filled and there is a huge pressure to make a huge romantic gesture that will be perfect for your significant other. I do not think that people should wait for Valentine’s Day to express their love or do romantic gestures, and thus I do not think that there should be such a high demand and expectations for Valentine’s Day dates.

It’s similar to Thanksgiving. People talk about what they are grateful for around Thanksgiving. No other time of year are people so universally talking about what fills them with gratitude.

I agree with the root message of these holidays, but I feel like every day should be mini-Thanksgivings and mini-Valentine’s Days. There is never a bad day to express love and gratitude for people in your life.


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