Story Time

Scary Train Experience

My friend, Hannah came to visit me, but got dropped off in Salt Lake and we needed to take the train back  to Provo. We got on the train car that didn’t have very many people on it because she had her suitcase and I was carrying an air mattress for her. We passed this girl who seemed to be asleep on the bench. She had light blue hair and was not dressed for the cold. When we go sit down (about 3 rows behind her), she sits up and looks back at us. She started to STARE at me, full on death glare. She stared at me for ten minutes from Salt Lake to Murray. I was avoiding eye contact with her, which was hard, and I wondered if maybe me and Hannah were being too loud so we were whispering to each other. We planned to just get off at the next exit and onto another car, but at the next exit, the girl started packing up her stuff and looked like she was leaving. She got up and walked over to me, looked me in the eyes, and said “the next time you look in the eyes of a killer, be careful of where you come.” (I swear those are her exact words, I know it doesn’t make sense). I looked down and Hannah was kind of laughing because it was so bizarre and the girl, right before she opened the door to get off, turned around and yelled, “you think I’m F-ing playing but I’m f-ing not, you better find god because honey your soul is f-ing lost!” She got off the train, and 20 seconds later we heard someone hit the side of our train car and we knew it was her. It was so weird and I was freaked out. She was probably high or mentally ill, but still it was SPOOKY. It’s not fun to be cussed out.


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