Story Time

Eye Pod

In high school, I was in AP English all four years. My junior year, we were placed into groups for some group projects. My group and I got to be super close. Picture day for our senior ID picture came (pictures were taken during everyone’s english class). One of the people in my group had brought a pretty ugly turtle neck to wear as a joke. While we were in line to take our pictures, we decided that we would all wear the turtleneck, just give it to the next person when we were done. Then we decided to make our hair look weird and do an awkward smile.
The problem was our school didn’t like when teenage rebels posed weird in their school pictures to be funny. So, the key to our picture was to be weird enough to be funny to us, but normal enough so that the photographer would feel guilty about accusing us of joking around. It turned out to be super funny pictures, but I didn’t realize that those pictures would be on EVERYTHING for the next year to ID us, not just our school IDs, but teacher’s roles and transcripts and all that good stuff. Got a lot of weird looks, but totally worth it.

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