Story Time


In the summer, me and my friends like to go on drives up and down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) which sometimes runs along really close to the ocean, so I think I did that every day this past summer. I went to the beach a lot as well. My most adventurous story is probably when me and my two friends, Kali and Alexa went to Newport Beach. We were more than knee deep in the water and there was a 2 foot drop off pretty close to where we were, so we were trying to not get sucked out anymore, especially because the waves were pretty big. After a set of waves, the water would get really clear for a few moments before the next one came. Alexa started screaming and ran out of the water and I was super confused. She said she saw something moving and I thought she was crazy and she had just seen the sand being swirled around underwater cause that can sometimes look like a shadow. After the next set of waves, I was looking down and saw something move. I looked closer and realized it was a baby shark. It was about a foot and a half long. So, we decided to go swimming in Kali’s pool instead and left the beach real quick.


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