Daily Thoughts

Where You Live

Right before I moved out to go to college, I tried to do this thing where I acted and did tourist-y things in my own area that I had not done before. One time, I went to the Getty museum in LA and it was amazing. The entire museum is on a hill and is made of imported, Italian marble. You have to take a tram up to the museum like at Disneyland. I saw so many wonderful art pieces and it was honestly so uplifting. Vincent van Gogh is by far my favorite artist and his painting “Irises” is housed at the Getty and it was breathtaking. Art is so cool! It made me so excited to study it more in college. I also got to be more confident in my driving skills on the way to and back from LA where I had to get on and off 4 different freeways in rush hour traffic. I was proud of myself. I think it’s really interesting to think about how other people see the place you live and what they would while visiting.


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