Story Time

The River Trip

Over the summer, my friend, Kali, had a river house along the Colorado River on the border of Arizona and California and invited me and  some other friends to spend a few days there. Two of the five people that were there were going on missions later that month, so it was really fun to be there and it was kind of like a last hurrah.  I had such a blast. We jet skied, went tubing, paddle boarded, played Nertz, ate SO MUCH, and watched the Olympics. One time when I fell off a tube, a giant fish swam past me and I screamed and got really scared. Also, nothing like watching the Olympics while eating a bag of hot cheetos and drinking a lot of soda to make you feel awesome about yourself. We would sometimes really get into it – especially in swimming and gymnastics and start yelling “USA! USA! USA!” It was fun to be so patriotic with my friends. Someone put a trampoline on the bank of the river and we would go and jump on it into the river. I miss these fun times.


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