Story Time


I have a couple weird stories from my first semester at BYU. Here’s one: My room mate gets this text that says something about how there is an emergency on campus and to evacuate and move away from every building. We live in on campus housing, so that was super freaky. Then another text came that said that the emergency was on “University Park campus.” We googled university park and it is an apartment complex down the street from us. So I got scared and called my sister and her husband to see what to do. They told me to call the police to see if these texts were legit. So I call University Police and they tell us that didn’t send out any texts. That was scary. They got our info and said “we are sending an officer to you right now.” So a few minutes after we get off the phone, she gets another text that there’s an emergency on LSC campus. We googled LSC – Lone Star College. My room mate is from Texas and took a few classes from that school, and they still had her records. We looked and sure enough, there was a gas leak at Lone Star. The whole time we were getting texts about their emergency!! We had to wait for the officer to get there and explain it to him. Luckily he was super nice about it. It was super freaky and weird though.


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