Story Time


I had a week once that had began pretty bad for me. I was getting overwhelmed by school work. I have made more friends, and it seemed like every night of the week I got
bailed on by a different friend. Pretty much all of my friends from back home are on missions, but the friends that I could talk to on the phone were not answering my calls or texts. I was super bummed out.
My favorite class last semester Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon.We have two essays for the semester, and my last essay was due on
Saturday night. What I had to do was choose a chapter of the Book of Mormon and study it super in-depth. I read it a few times, looked up all the cross references, read the 1830 edition of it from the original Book of Mormon that wasn’t split into verse yet, look up definitions of words, and look at where my chapter was quoted in General Conference. I was dreading doing this assignment. It sounded boring and time consuming to me. I chose Mosiah 3 because King Benjamin is one of my favorite people from the Book of Mormon, and this particular chapter were words given to Benjamin by an angel. When I started doing the assignment, I was super reluctant and just wanted to get it over with. However, as I started reading and re-reading the verses I had a sense of peace come over me. The entire time I was working on this essay, I felt super peaceful and none of the sadness that I had felt previously felt relevant. Never before have I felt such a 180 turn in emotion and feeling while reading the scriptures and it was so cool.

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