The Election

This past election cycle was so crazy. I voted through a mail-in ballot for California. I went to an election party with my brother. Everyone that I talked to was positive that Clinton was going to win, liberals and conservatives alike. When Trump won, I (and everyone else) was blown away. I got called on twice the day after election day to say the prayer in class, and both times (and in pretty much every prayer I have said since then), I prayed for unity and a willingness to compromise in the country. I really was hoping for that the next four years go as smoothly as possible.

This unfortunately has not come to pass. Instead, there is a lot of chaos. Our president is calling the press the enemy of the American people and calling our media fake. No one knows what to believe or what is real or not. There is so much smoke in the air. I am worried about the state of our nation. I feel exhausted with this administration already and we are just a month in. I am not completely sure how much more the American people can take before there is a change. Our country is not a reality television show, yet it seems like that is what the world is seeing us as.


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