Daily Thoughts · Story Time

The Aquarium

I love animals so much! They are just so dang cool. Everything in their perspective is black and white, and I sometimes envy them. Being from California, I have seen a lot of marine animals in their natural habitat. I miss the ocean living in Utah. However, there is an amazing aquarium in Draper that I have been to that is so fun!

Once, I went with some friends because it was only $2 to get in! We saw otters and jellyfish and penguins and frogs and cool lizards and I was so happy. I love animals so much and it really helped me get through that week. There were these statues of orcas that I wanted to take a picture with, but there were so many children that were going crazy playing on the orcas. We waited for a while for the kids to clear away, but they never did  so we just took it with the kids in it.

However, I feel empathy and sadness for the animals in captivity. I want to see them and enjoy them, but I want them to enjoy their lives too. I am not sure if they are truly happy living enclosed.


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