Story Time

My 19th Birthday

Over winter break, I threw a Christmas party that, without my knowing, my friends turned into a surprise party for my nineteenth birthday. I walked in with the food and they all yelled surprise and I was so scared I had to walk outside for a second before I came back in. It was Pokemon themed and really great.
On my actual birthday, I feel like how I celebrated was literally just eating. At midnight, my friends Monica and Bradford took me to Ralphs. They bought me a box of ho-hos and put a candle on one and sang happy birthday to me in the parking lot. Me and my friend Alexa went and got bagels in the morning and ate them at the beach. Then us and my friend Jess went to get burgers and fries at this shake shack that is down Pacific Coast Highway that has a really beautiful view. Then for dinner, my parents and us went to Maggiano’s, which is this really good Italian place. After all that, we went to Downtown Disney, which is this big shopping area outside of Disneyland, and it was pouring rain. I was not in proper rain attire, let me tell you, and we were drenched. Driving home was super sketchy because my car was making all these weird noises in the rain, but we were safe so it’s all good.

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