Harry Potter

The Prisoner of Azkaban

Another prejudice is introduced in the third book of the series against werewolves. The equivalence of ableism occurs when a qualified, kindhearted man is thought to be less than human because of a “behavioral” disease. Betrayal and corruption of a justice system causes innocent people to be punished while guilty parties are able to thrive. Sirius Black was put into prison for 12 years for a crime he did not commit. However, the reason he did not go insane from the dementor’s presence was the fact that he knew in his heart that he was innocent. On the other hand, Peter Pettigrew, who was a traitor to the Potter’s, walks free and helps with the “resurrection” of Lord Voldemort. One could argue that Peter Pettigrew is weaker minded out of prison than Sirius Black is in prison. There are fascinating looks into the human pysche and the definition of bravery in this book.



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