Harry Potter

The Goblet of Fire

This book continues to show the unpredictability and capricious nature of fame when Harry’s name is put into “The Goblet of Fire” as a ploy to kill him. Students are chosen to be in a tournament with nearly imminent serious injury or death while other students watch and cheer. The story also contains the privileged completely mistreating and abusing the underprivileged simply because they can get away with it. A slave blames herself for her own master’s blunder and is severely punished for something that is completely not her fault. Hermione is looked down upon for being an activist against the house elves’ slavery, which is very applicable to today’s society and the outlook many people have against activists and protestors. A promising young man, Cedric Diggory, is murdered just because he is in the way. Harry Potter, is tortured, publicly disgraced. and almost killed.


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