Harry Potter

The Deathly Hallows

In the last book of the Harry Potter series, it is shown that no matter how bad a situation is, it can become much worse. The wizarding world is wreaked with havoc and chaos, and even the wealthy and privileged end up frightened and miserable. Self prejudice continues throughout the book, and Harry and Ron learn how essential it is to defeat one’s inner demons. Loss of family and friends and martyrdom occurs pretty much everywhere in the entire book. A theme throughout the entire story is that the way other people were raised does not define who they are as a person, and never underestimate anyone’s true potential. Dobby, the enslaved house-elf, saves six peoples lives, but jumps in front a dagger and dies. The war finally ends with the death of a widely loved couple, Lupin and Tonks, leaving their orphaned baby boy with Tonks’ mother instead of the young godfather (Harry). This shows that what goes around comes around and that things often come full circle. The last line of the series is “All is well” and not “The End” because magic will never end.


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