Daily Thoughts


I am, and forever will be, a pluviophile. While rain is gloomy and miserable to some people, it rejuvenates me. My day is instantly better at the simple prospect of having a rain storm. My idea of heaven is curling up with a good book, holding a cup of hot chocolate, and having the rain pitter patter on my window.

I, personally, have a very busy schedule. There are times in my life that make me want to break down, or punch something, or break down and punch something. Like when there are three essay questions on your English test and you have five minutes left in the period. Like when there is a solo in choir and you stand up to audition, nervous but confident (sort of), and on the first note, your voice cracks. I could go on with many difficult/embarassing things that have occured to me this week, but I don’t feel like reliving the bad moments. My point is, when I am feeling the need to have a mental shutdown, peace is the one thing that can help me. Anything that is enjoyable, yet calming is my definition of peace in these situations. Whether it is going to play one of Chopin’s nocturnes on the piano or reading a book with a mug of hot cocoa, peace is a necessity in my life to keep me from going absolutely insane. This is why rain is so heavenly to me. Rain is one of the most pure forms of peace in my life. When it is raining, I am comforted. I feel whole.


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