Daily Thoughts

Such Great Heights

In 2013, a group of Russian photographers followed their lifelong dream – to ascend the Great Pyramid. They snuck onto it after sun set, climbed, took photos, then waited five hours before going back down. This is extremely illegal in Egypt, punishable with up to three years in jail.

“No words can express the fascination I felt when seeing my childhood dream come alive. Probably this very feeling made us climb onto the top of the Pyramid and see the panorama of the whole complex, the desert and Cairo itself. What we saw from up there was the seventh wonder of the world. We tried to capture the beauty of the scenery in the photos so that the others could also see this magnificent panorama. We want to apologize for this ascension. We didn’t want to insult anyone. We were just following the dream.”  – Vadim Makhorov, one of the photographers

We don’t know how long we’re going to be here. As human beings, we need to accomplish as much as we can in whatever time we are given here. Although this was a crime, it was an expression of art and a fulfillment of a dream. It’s for you to decide – was it worth the risk?


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