Creative Writing

Loneliness Personified Part 2

“So what are you doing at 4:30, walking all by yourself in the rain?” she asked, a hungry look in her dark eyes.

“Well, I missed the bus and my mom is already at her second job, so I couldn’t exactly get a ride home from school.” Anna snapped back, surprising herself with her biting tone.

Not even slightly taken aback, she continued to question, “Where do you live?”

“19th and Park.” Anna said slowly, feeling as if she was starting to sink into the ground. A theoretical fog seemed to creep into her world, and everything started to appear worse. Darker.

“Really, in the apartment complex? That’s where I live!” she replied quickly, “You must have just moved in because I’ve never seen you before.”

“Yeah, a few days ago.” Anna mumbled, feeling heavier and heavier with each passing second.

“We’re going to be best friends.” She said with cruel excitement, her eyes gleaming.

They continued to walk in silence until they reached Anna’s front door. Anna felt as if she was going to collapse with sorrow, and her eyes were getting brighter with every step they took.

“You should just go lay down.” she said to Anna, “There’s no point in doing your homework or chores, it’s not like anyone cares about you anyways.” Anna nodded in agreement and shuffled into her tiny bedroom, threw herself onto the bed, and began to sob.

“Don’t worry, Anna.” She said with a smile. “I’ll always be around, especially when no one else is.” Anna looked up, saw no one, and buried her face into her pillow, sobs racking her body because loneliness had leeched into her brain, and made a home in her heart.


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