Daily Thoughts


It also seems that nowadays, everyone hates themselves as well. Glorifying self harm, mental and eating disorders is not right. Now, I am not saying that those who do suffer from these things shouldn’t look for help. But, planting seeds of ideas that grow until the darkest times for someone is not right. I know someone that didn’t even know what self harm really was at all, and then they joined tumblr. Not even a year later, they were suicidal and addicted to cutting. Tumblr is not a bad site, but people need to realize that calling hatred towards anyone, whether random people or themselves, does nothing but bring everyone down.

My lack of positivity is also due to my own faults. However, I am trying to improve. This week, I’m doing a mental exercise where every time I think a mean thought about anyone, including myself, I have to think of three nice things about them. Hopefully, this will help me in my quest to being happier.


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