Creative Writing

Shots Fired Part 1

I just want to be alone.

It seems like everyone who is upset says these six words, but I think I mean it this time. Just as my words and thoughts, communication with fellow life forms is meaningless. Why do I put myself through this routine of getting close to someone if everything comes to an end. There are no real happy endings, only happy memories, and what use are they when remembering brings unbearable sorrow. Relationships, of any kind, are made of fire; yeah, it seems warm but if you stick around it’ll either go out or burn you.  I think that maybe I’ll –

The door slammed open and Dakota ran into my room. I shut the journal I was writing in forcefully, paused, and gave him a pained glance before looking back down at my ink stained hands. He started to ramble on about how “We’ll never get this night back” and “You only live once” but all I could think about was how my life was starting to ebb away and if I was to start living by my new philosophy, I needed to begin as soon as possible.

“You never know” Dakota continued, “You might meet someone.”




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