Daily Thoughts

The Importance of Justin Timberlake

A few years ago, I made a rash decision. Now before I go on any further, I want you to know that I am pretty much incapable of making a decision of any importance. For example, it took me twenty minutes to pick what font I was going to use in my final presentation for my English class. So this is pretty out of the norm.

So anyways, I bought Justin Timberlake concert tickets three minutes after I found out that there was going to be a concert relatively near to where I live. It was a yes or no, split second thing where I had four minutes until my purchase expired. As you can already tell, my life is pretty much a non-stop, roller coaster ride filled with thrills beyond imagination. I’m living proof that you don’t need to leave the computer to have a life.

“But, why?!?” You may ask me. “Why would you buy not cheap tickets to a concert without even thinking about how it will affect you financially?” My answer is simple. “Because it is a Justin Timberlake concert.”

When you think about it, you don’t really hear about many people hating Justin Timberlake. He is good at everything he does. My mom loves him; in fact, she said that he is one of her favorite celebrities. She continued to say this was the case because of his talent in acting and singing, his charisma and amazing sense of humor, and his humility. It seems like, to her, that Timberlake is an overall good guy.

Can you disagree with anything that my mom said? I certainly can’t. As a wise tumblr user once said:

“Why doesn’t Justin Timberlake have a fandom? I’ll tell you why. The world is his fandom.”

Justin is not only a singer and actor, but he is also a philanthropist and business man. He has owned/endorsed three restaurants across the country and has his own clothing line, William Rast. As far as philanthropy goes, he has had a part in charity, first through N’Sync’s ‘Challenge for Children’ and then the Justin Timberlake Foundation, which is “dedicated to promoting music education as essential to a child’s development.” He also has donated to $100,000 to Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors and the Memphis Rock N’ Soul Museum.


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