Daily Thoughts

Demanding Respect Part 2

Instead of being told as children that we need to demand respect from men, we should be told that we are not accountable for anyone’s actions except for our own. In short, if a man is disrespectful or sexist to a girl, it isn’t the girl’s fault for not demanding more courtesy; it is the man’s fault for being misogynistic.

Of course, for society to be able to teach this, the requirements to being a “admirable” woman would have to be destroyed. It would mean that no girl would have to be ashamed of being a feminist. That the word feminist wouldn’t carry such a negative connotation – maybe even have a positive one.

The fact of the matter is, we are not living equally. Women still make seventy-seven cents to man’s dollar in the work place. Common stereotypes are still being taught throughout society. And women who want equality and courtesy are thought to be lunatics.


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