Creative Writing

Butterflies Part 6

“Adam, you’re so funny!” Aubrey exclaims, running her fingers through his hair. He smiles dumbly at her. How can she get away with doing that? If I tried to that, I’d probably freak out and somehow mess up.

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Aubrey finally says loudly, and a few people nod enthusiastically. I’m about to go strangle myself with a spoon when Adam asks, “You coming?” looking me dead in the eyes.

“Uh, sure I guess.” I mutter. Why did I just say yes? I hate truth or dare. I don’t feel like telling people I don’t either a) like, b) know, or the third option which is c) someone I’m secretly in love with, knowing any of my secrets. The alternative, which is probably kissing one of them, is not so great either. Well, except for one of them. But, I don’t want my first kiss to be in an idiotic game of truth or dare. We all sit in a big circle in the middle of the living room floor.

“Adam.” Phoebe declares clearly. “Truth or dare.”

“Truth.” She smiles wryly, and takes moment.

“Who is the most beautiful girl in this room?”

“Ashley.” he blurts out, quickly, like it took him no thought.


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