Daily Thoughts

Advice for my younger self part 1

I was once in high school (aka pit of despair, loneliness, and self esteem issues.)  I learned many lessons the hard way.

Here is a personalized list from me based on experiences that I have had:

  • do not give away Harry Potter spoilers to unknowing friends who are in the middle of The Half Blood Prince
  • do not try to remember your whole debate argument simply from memory. Your mind will go blank, and it will be extremely embarassing.
  • do not go to Six Flags a week before an important solo audition. Your voice will not appreciate it.
  • do not wear a dress on a windy day. Even if you have shorts on underneath. Just don’t do it.
  • do not click on an “Easy Weight Loss” link, no matter how enticingly easy it seems
  • do not tell a Your Mom joke to someone who does not have a mother. It is very awkward and terrible.
  • do not try to “wing” a geometry chapter test. It’s not multiple choice
  • do not ignore your mom’s phone calls. She will get very upset and will not believe any excuse that you may offer.
  • do not take an Advil PM at 2 in the morning, unless, of course, you plan on sleeping until 4 PM.

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