Daily Thoughts

Advice for my younger self part 2

  • do not consider watching V-Sauce, vlogbrothers, SciShow, Mental Floss, or any variety of CrashCourse videos “doing your homework” (unless of course it is your homework from a class, to which I say, “LUCKY”)
  • do not eat Kings Hawaiian rolls and Gushers for all three meals. This may be tempting, I know since they are the two greatest foods on earth, but your body will literally try and eat itself from the inside out.
  • speaking of bodies eating themselves from the inside out, do NOT take DayQuil on an empty stomach. It burns throughout you and you feel like death.
  • do not eat a huge bag of hot cheetos at lunch the day of your physical fitness test. It feels like taking DayQuil on an empty stomach.
  • do not leave any social media accounts logged in on a school computer.
  • do not do your nails on a bed with your history notes that are due the next day spread across the whole entire thing.
  • do not let people tell you that being a feminist (even if you are a guy!!!!) is an awful thing to be. *side note* do not confuse misandrist with feminist please
  • do not wait until the night before its due to start a 10 page research paper. Bad move.
  • do not go to bed in the AM’s (I need to work on this one)
  • do not never do your homework. don’t be that kid.
  • do not go on twitter during class. You will fall behind and eventually die.

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