Daily Thoughts

How To Be Beautiful Part 1

The other day, I was in Forever21. A group of girls that were about 12 or 13 years old were right behind me. They all were a healthy weight, if not a little under. The conversation I overheard them saying was shocking. One said, “I feel so fat. I have to wear a medium now. I haven’t eaten in like 2 days.” The others chimed in about how little they have eaten or how they needed to lose five pounds so that the boy who sat next to them in math would notice them. I was appalled. These young girls were doing things that is extremely unhealthy for anyone’s body, but especially one’s that still have a lot of growth left.

Beauty is not what size we are, or what a guy thinks about us. Beauty is happiness. Beauty is confidence. And as a nineteen year old girl who gets bombarded with pressures to change my body practically every day, it gets harder and harder to believe what our teachers and parents tell us. For me, it’s a very difficult thing to think that I am beautiful all the time. My thinking process is, “well who cares if I’m beautiful on the inside if no one can see it,” or “how does being nice stop the guy I like from getting with the girl with perfect skin?” My only answer is to have confidence. When I have confidence in the way I look on the outside, I receive more compliments and I’m a much happier person.


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