Daily Thoughts

Banana Bread

When I was a little girl, I went to grandma’s house all the time. When she was in her 70’s, she would run around with me in her backyard with a bouncy ball and play soccer. Her favorite show was Spongebob and she loved to sing and play the piano. She wasn’t a very good cook, but she loved to make desserts. My favorite was her banana bread. She gave my mom the recipe, who passed it down to me. Whenever I taste it I think of her, even though now, she has passed away.

It is a comfort to eat this bread for me, because it reminds me of her. I love how even though she is gone, I still feel her presence when I eat the bread. She lives through my memory and I am so glad that I have this thing to tie me to my grandma.

I urge you guys to find what can tie you to lost loved ones. Remembering one who has died doesn’t necessarily mean crying or mourning. You could just sit and eat banana bread and remember being happy with that person.


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