Daily Thoughts

My future and astrophysics

The other day, I went and met with my astronomy professor. I was super duper nervous to talk to him because he is incredible. He is kind of my hero. He has his post-doc and is currently working on dark matter research and is just so intelligent and great. So anyways, I went in to talk to him about the field of astronomy and it went so well. He told me that if I am willing to put in the work, it is such a fun thing to do. He also said that once I get my phD, I will be set to do literally anything I want because getting your degree in astrophysics teaches you everything you will ever need for any job ever. I asked him about research opportunities and he told me that once I have a year or two in the program under my belt, they could send me to Columbia or Cornell to do research at the astronomy institutes!!! He said it so casually and I was like oh my gosh I am not qualified to be talking about this. I can also get paid to do observational research at the university over summers, so I might do that next summer? I don’t know, but I was so happy after I talked to him. He said that I was full of promise and I nearly died. I went home after my last class that day and decided what was I waiting for? I called the college of physical sciences and mathematics and I changed my major to Physics-Astronomy (more commonly known as Astrophysics)!!!!!!! I teared up with joy when I did it because I am so excited.


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