Daily Thoughts

Space space space

A couple weekends ago, we went to the Clark Planetarium and watched an IMAX about extreme weather. It was super cool but it got me really scared about global warming. Luckily, I know God is looking out for us, but it was still freaky. I tried to teach Dean and Lucy (my niece and nephew) a little about space – I don’t know if it sunk in at all. It was fun to go to the planetarium and already know about most of the things there because of my astronomy class. Also, theres is a newly discovered solar system in our galaxy. It is called Trappist-1. Pretty much, NASA announced on Thursday that about 40 light years away, there is a ultra cool dwarf star, much smaller than our sun. They have discovered seven earth sized planets orbiting the star – and they’re all terrestrial (rocky), none are gaseous at all! Three of them are considered in the “habitable” region – meaning it is likely there is liquid water on them! Now they are training many different types of telescopes on Trappist-1 to see if there is liquid water, if we can see the landscape and terrain, and testing to see if radio waves are coming off of the planets. Like, radio waves from broadcasts. Like, alien broadcasts. Suggesting the possibility of intelligent life!!!! How amazing is that?!? It would take hundreds of thousands of years to fly a probe to it, but with our telescopes and other technology, we can still learn a lot about these new worlds


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