Daily Thoughts

Straight part 1

Every person in this world was created in the same way. We, as humans, are made up of atoms which form all sorts of things such as cells and DNA.

Yet throughout the ages, all kinds of differences have caused gargantuan riffs between human beings, differences of religious beliefs, culture, skin color, economic and social class, gender, and sexual orientation. I wish that I could say that these fights between these dissimilarities ended long ago during the Dark Ages, before people were mentally capable of thinking deep thoughts of equality and human nature. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where the word hate is used as often as the word love and some of our fellow beings can simply not grasp the amazingly simple idea of equality.

Many things propel certain subcultures within our main society, some positive and some negative. The word “straight,” as I previously stated, is used to describe heterosexuals. We use the term throughout our daily lives, without really thinking anything of it. However, the term straight has an effect on many people’s minds, whether consciously or not. 



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