Daily Thoughts

Straight part 2

Here are some definitions of the term straight, according to dictionary.com:

straight (adjective) –  1) evenly or uprightly formed or set 2) honestly, honorably, or virtuously 3)  go straight, Informal. to live a law-abiding life; no longer engage in crime.

These are relatively positive definitions. Through the use of the term straight to describe heterosexuality, we are saying that heterosexuals are correct, or “uprightly formed or set,” they are virtuous and honorable, they live a law-abiding life. So, if you’re gay, if you’re not straight, what does that mean? Are you not correctly formed, are you not honest, are you not law abiding?

Well, gay used to be a word that meant happy, or cheery, before it was a term to describe homosexuals. Now, it is used, not only as a word to describe people with same-sex attraction, but is used very commonly as a slang word that means “awkward, stupid, or bad.”

And we wonder why many people are raised to think being gay is an atrocious thing from a young age. Through negative connotations, our society perpetuates the idea of inequality almost unperceptively.

No matter our personal religious or moral beliefs, we need to have tolerance and love for those who are different than us.


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